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I am a person who through out my life has lived and participated in several different cultures. I have been a professional Indian Dancer and Musician since the age of thirteen and still use those talents as part of my profession. I am the oldest performing Indian Hoop Dancers in North America.  

I am employed by Doyon Tourism Inc. which is a subsidiary of Doyon Limited, an Alaska Native Regional Corporation. I am Expediter/Buyer for the Company and have also, performed duties of Head Guide, Dog Team Demo, Native Presentations, Program Director and Internet Marketing.  To fulfill the duties of these positions with Doyon Tourism I use a combination of the talents I have acquired, from being a professional entertainer all of my life, from living an Alaska subsistence and traditional native way of life, and fifteen years of college work. I own and operate BOYD COMMUNITATIONS, specializing in Multimedia, Video Production and Internet Marketing and also, own ALASKA NORTHERN LIGHTS TOUR and ALASKAN CULTURE TOURS.

My wife and I both worked many years for American & Pacific Tours with offices in Tokyo Japan and Anchorage Alaska. We performed various duties in the Japanese Tourist Industry in Alaska.  

Letter of Recommendation from UAF Cooperative Extension Service

Educational Qualifications

Work Experience


Educational Qualifications

Schools Attended

The Principia High School, St. Louis, graduated 1962.
Southwest Missouri State College, Music and Art, attended 1962-64.
University of Missouri St. Louis, Business Administration, attended 1966-67.
University of Alaska Fairbanks,
B. A. Rural Development, Cultural Documentation and Community Research, 1989-95.
M. A. Interdisciplinary Studies, Cultural Documentation through Multimedia 1995-2000.

Student Projects

Tourism Development

Established, developed, managed, and marketed tourism, for Arctic Village Tours,
Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government, 1989-2000.

Student Video Projects

Video Productions Produced

"The Caribou People" - 1992, won three international awards.
     Co produced with Cooperative Extension Service UAF for Arctic Village Council. 
     English and Japanese language versions.
 "Arctic Village Gospel Music" (Music Video) - 1993.

Senior Projects

 "Venetie Spring Carnival" - 1995.
 "Food as Non-Verbal Communication" - 1995.
 "TAMAKO-ZA Drums and Drama" (in Japanese) - 1995
  "Rising Sun - Midnight Sun" (Music Video) - 1995

  Master's Projects

"Arctic Hunters" (in Japanese) - 1999.
       Funding from US Department of Education        
"Land of the Great Spirit" (Music Video) - 2000.
"The Gwich'in Still Call It Indian Country" – 2000.
       Historical documentation of Supreme Court Case.

Resume Contents

Work Experience


Substitute teacher, Yukon Flats School District, 75-79.
Itinerant Music Instructor, Yukon Flats School District, 79-80.
Computer Instructor, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Interior Campus, 95 - Present


Director of Tourism, Arctic Village Tours, Native Village of Venetie Tribal
   Government, 1987- 2000.

Special Projects Director, Doyon Tourism Inc. 2001 - Present
Includes: The production of videos and multimedia presentations for marketing and tourist education and entertainment. Website and Blog developmnet and Internet Marketing. Directing tourist activities such as naturalist guided hikes, fishing, gold panning, and dog mushing presentations. Perform native dance and cultural presentations.

Marketing and Management of 5 Star Log Cabins, Alaskan Vacation Rentals, 2005 - Present.
Marketing: Web site production and Internet Marketing, Brochure production, Contacts and sales.
Management: Booking, Check-in, and Customer service.

Guide, Driver, Guide Trainer, and Tour Development Coordinator, American and Pacific Tours . Perform several duities in the Japanese Tourist Industry in Alaska, including training Japanese Guides in logistics and knowledge of Alaska, 2007 - 2011

Own, Operator, Marketing, Management, Guide, Presenter and Native Dance Performer for Alaska Northern Lights Tour and Alaskan Culture Tours. Developed and established Marketing for these tours and now maintain them as a one man operation, 2011 - Present


Youth Programs

Director of Youth Program in Arctic Village, RDA Summer Youth Program
   Summers, 1900-1991                             
Director of Youth Program in Arctic Village and Venetie, TCC Youth    
   Summer, 2000.

Videos Produced

"UAF Karate Club Documentary" – 2001.
"Meet Kantishna Roadhouse Employees" – 2003.
       Doyon Tourism Documentary Production,
       footage courtesy of KUAC & Cooperative Extension Service UAF.
"Kantishna Hills Pioneers" - 2005
       Doyon Tourism Historical Documentary Production,
       Historical photos and film footage edited with motion
       graphics to tell the story of the Gold Rush Era.
"Open North American Champion Sled Dog Race" - 2006
"Denali Wildlife Quick Time Movies" 2005 - Present. For internet marketing, DVDs, and CDs.

The following DVDs were made by Boyd Communications for: Association of Interior Native Educators / Doyon Foundation

"Athabascan Snowshoe Building" - 2007
"Introduction to Athabascans" - 2007
"Athabascan Traditional Moose Harvest" - 2007
"Gwich'in Elders Speak" - 2007
"Athabascan Drum Making" - 2008
"The Life and Art of James Grant (Athabascan Artist) - 2008

Multimedia & Marketing

Arctic Village Tours
Created multimedia and marketing materials for advertising tours both in Japanese and English. 1987 - 2000.
Participated in tourism marketing trade shows in Japan. - 1995

Doyon Tourism
Created multimedia presentations and marketing materials for both advertising and entertainment/education of tourists in both Japanese and English. Development of Website and Blog and Internet Marketing. 2001 - Present.

Boyd Communications
Own and operate video production and internet marketing company, 2005 - Present

Professional  Musician

Performed in Rock and Roll Bands at several Teen Towns in St. Louis MO area. 1957-1962
Performed Jazz, Rock & Standards in Show Boat Band at Lake  of the Ozarks  MO. 1959-1963
Performed Jazz, Rock & Standards in several Night Clubs in Springfield MO. 1962-1964
Performed Jazz, Rock, Rhythm & Blues in several Night Clubs in St. Louis MO area. 1964-1968
Performed Rhythm & Blues on road tour of west coast, Las Vegas, and Hollywood. 1968-1970
Performed Rock & Roll in all of the most popular Night Clubs in the L. A. and Hollywood area. 1970-1975
Worked as musician and co producer in multi-track recording studios in the L. A. and Hollywood area. 1970-1975
Performed Rock & Roll at Night Clubs in Fairbanks AK during Pipeline Era. Highest paid club jobs in US. 1975-1978
Trained and Produced Indian Village bands that performed for dances in many Villages, Fairbanks & Canada. 1978-1989

Resume Contents


Computer Multimedia

Macintosh, IBM PC, Windows, Microsoft Word, Photo Shop, Power Point, Painter, Illustrator & Director. Macromedia Dreamweaver & Fireworks

Video Production

Beta cam analog editing and Final Cut Pro digital editing.
Computer Graphics and Animation: Video Toaster, Maya Composer, and After Effects.

Music Production

Recording Studio Producer: Multi-track music recording studio experience as producer, composer, arranger, and performance.  
Logic computer software midi and digital recording.

Professional Musician

Singer, keyboards, vibes, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, and drums. Forty eight years of experience.

Cultural Presentations

Both tourism and educational presentations about Alaska Native Cultures with Power Point presentation and videos in both Japanese and English. M. A. Degree in Cultural Documentation through Multimedia.

Professional Indian Dancer

Dancer since age of six and professional since age of thirteen. Inter-Tribal Dancing including Oklahoma Fancy Dance, Traditional Dance and Hoop Dance, using twenty hoops. At age sixty two, one of the oldest performing Hoop Dancer in North America.

Wildlife Camera Man

 After many years as a subsistence hunter, I have turned to hunting animals with a video camera for use in video productions I produce.

Dog Musher & Lead Dog Trainer

Made subsistence living in Arctic Village in the Brooks Range using dog team as only source of transportation. Included, hauling wood and water, trapping, hunting caribou. Was Trainer for leaders that participate in North American Sled Dog Races Limited.  Also raced in local villages' races above the Yukon River.  Have given dog team demonstrations for Doyon Tourism at Kantishna Road House. Am currently a registered Dog Trainer with the Second Chance League which retrains dogs and places them up for adoption.

Wilderness Guide

Was taught Arctic survival skills by Indian Scouts from Arctic Village who are members of the National Guard and train Rangers for the US Army.  Trained by Indian Trappers for subsistence way of life.  Wilderness Guide for tourist for Arctic Village Tours and Doyon Tourism.

Grant Writer and Administrator

Have written and administrated several grants for economic development that were both state and federal funded. These agencies include: State of Alaska Community and Regional Affairs and Farmers Home Administration.


Developed and maintained a web site for Arctic Village Tours from 1997 - 2000. Developed and maintain a web site for 5 Star Log Cabins form January 2006 - present. I work on internet marketing as part of my "Special Projects Director" position at Doyon Tourism. Owner and operator of Boyd Communications who develops and does internet marketing for website clients. Have taken four college courses in web site design at University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Resume Contents

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