Alaskan Culture Tours has a Study Group Tour
that experinces past and present Cultures
of Alaska both Native and Non-Native.

5 to 10 students, Price $1500 for 7 Days & Nights
Includes: Lodging, Meals, Transportaion, Activities & Educational Instruction.

Tour can be taken with or with out receiving
3.5 CEU Credit from UAA Mat-Su College

Rural Alaska History & Cultures Course Syllabus
Course Instructor Resume Ben Boyd
Guest Instructors Resumes:
Dr. Nakazawa - Dr. Wang - Larry Dickerson - Hiroyuki Matsuura

Alaskans in general have a completely diverse culture from the rest of the USA. This is brought about in part by its remoteness and exterme weather and seasonal changes. "The Land of the Midnight Sun" to "The Land of No Sun." Long winters of snow and darkness that create Cultural Activities such as Dog Mushing, Ice Fishing, and Aurora Viewing. One of the last places in the USA where people can, and do, live from the Land. The highest mountain in North America is here. Denali has been it's name for Centuries to be changed in the last Century by a political whem to Mt. McKinley. Named after a man who was never in Alaska. The mountain is in Denali National Park, where Alaska's Wildlife can be seen in abundance.
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Alaska has several Native Cultures that are not only diverse but completely different races of people. Because of Alaska's remotness these Cultures have survived and are still alive today. Not only Cultural Dances, Dress, and Cerimonies, but many Natives still live in part from traditional harvesting from the land, food and materials for heating and building. Most Alaska Native land was not taken from them and they have remained on their Ancestrial Grounds. These circumstances combine to provide Cutures that are still vibrant and completely diverse. This in turn provides Cultural experiences for visitors to Alaska that are authentic and true to life today, not just something from the past.

Tour Guide & Instructor is Ben Boyd, an Alaska Mountain Man.

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At age 69, he is the World's Oldest Native Hoop Dancer.
He has lived a Native Traditional way of life in Indian villages above the Arctic Circle.
At age 45 he came in out of the wilderness to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
He has received a BA Degree in Rural Development with an emphisas on Cultural Tourism
and an Interdiciplinary Masters Degree in Cultural Documentation through Video Production.
Producer of many videos about Native Culture, Alaska Wildlife, and Historical Documentaries.
He has both the education and real life experience to teach you about Alaska's Diverse Cultures.

Indian Country Today Media Network Article
about Ben Boyd's Hoop Dance

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